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We make website templates that come with many different components you can customize so you can create the look you want. Whether you are a business, artist, musician, or individual you can build a site with our templates, or let us to build your site for you.

Customize your design

Google Fonts for type

Free web fonts provided by Google to customize the fonts of your site. Our site title is written in Montserrat and the body text is written in Open Sans.

Font Awesome for Icons

Free font icons from Font Awesome. Customize the size, color, and any other attribute that's possible with css.

Unsplash for photos

Free high-resolution photos that you can use for your background image. Customize your landing page with a fullscreen image.

Customize your site's layout

Choose a fullscreen background or a section header. Add more sections to your site for a single page layout or link to other pages for a multi-page layout.

< div class = "row" >
< div class = "col-md-6" > 2 column layout < /div>
< div class = "col-md-6" > 2 column layout < /div>
< /div>
< div class = "row" >
< div class = "col-sm-4" > 3 column layout < /div>
< div class = "col-sm-4" > 3 column layout < /div>
< div class = "col-sm-4" > 3 column layout < /div>
< /div>
< div class = "row" >
< div class = "col-xs-12" > full width layout < /div>

Create a coming soon page

Get your site online right away by customizing your coming soon page. You get a countdown clock that you set the date to. Just add in a contact form or video and add to your site as you get more content.

Add a YouTube or Vimeo video

We use YouTube's and Vimeo's JavaScript API so you can integrate a pop up video player to your site. Just add your video's id and it's ready to go.

Add a contact form

You get a working contact form that integrates with Mandrill and PHP to send emails. Choose between a pop up contact form or an in page contact form like the one below. Try out the form by clicking the link below and we'll respond back.

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Use on all devices

Cerebro website templates are designed to be responsive so that your website looks great on all devices whether it's a desktop monitor or a mobile phone.

device mockup